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When We Compare

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

When we compare ourselves to others we set ourselves up for failure. We need to be honest with ourselves. We do this all of the time. We look at other people's lives and say, "I wish I could do that or have that." I've done it many times. There is nothing completely wrong about wanting what others have. The problem arises at how we look at the person's life we want.

Green Eyes Arise

When we let our jealousy take control, negative feelings begin to emerge. We think, "Why do they deserve that and I don't?" Right?!? Thinking that way brings negative vibes and negative vibes lead to a negative life. We bring into our live what we put out to the world. If we keep these negative thoughts around us, we will fail.

A small step forward is still a step .
-L. Zeigler

Turn It Around

If, however, we turn our thoughts around, we will begin to see what we truly want out of life. What we want may not actually be what they physically have and this will appear when our outlook turns around. For example if we said, "They worked hard to get where they are, I can do that too." OR "I can create a life that I truly love too." Our jealousy changes to admiration for their hard work and determination. We begin to look at everything a little differently.

Our desires now change. If we want something, we begin to look at ways we can get what we want. We create goals based on our desires and dreams. Then we figure out how we can make those dreams and desires come true. They won't just appear out of nowhere. We have to create the series of events that puts our plan into motion.

Dreams to Reality

In essence we create our own dreams based upon our desires or passions that we have by creating goals to get there. These goals can be based on things we want or the passions we have. We discussed passions in an earlier post (Find Your Passion).

Here's the Challenge

So, my challenge for you is to pick one desire or passion and create a goal to go along with it. Your goal can be as simple as I want to create something every day to I want to create my dream of owning my own home. No matter what your goal is you need to just begin. You will never get anywhere if you don't move forward. Even a small step forward is still a step.

For those of you that are creative but unsure where to start, I found this website that has video lessons for doing art projects. It is a subscription site and I do get credits for you using the link.


I'm leaving the video from last time because you have to have your dreams and passions. In the world we live in our dreams and passions are what keep us grounded.

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