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Discovering the Magic in You

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

When it comes to our lives, we have the opportunity to create it however we want. It is after all our journey and no one can create it for us. We have to discover the magic we lost somewhere along the way and create our lives again. This may sound like a enormous undertaking, but it is actually easier than people think.

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Is the Magic Lost or Just Hidden

Often times we think we have lost our magic. Actually we have just hidden it. We have been told that we must conform to fit in to this world. So, we took our magic, our joy, and hid it so the world could no longer judge us based on it. We put ourselves last in our lives and this pushes our magic into hiding as well because we don't have "time" for it.

Our magic is what makes each of us unique. This is what makes the world more fun to live in each day. Imagine if everyone was the same. What a boring world that would be! Let's start to shake things up. Make this world just as magical as we are!

The Journey to a Magical Life

It's not that hard to go on this journey to a magical life. All you have to do is begin small. You can do it! Here are a few steps to take:

  • Find your passion. What do you love to do? Draw, write, create, teach, paint, photography, workout, run... (more on that in my next post)

  • Schedule time. At least once a week (more if you can) schedule time to follow that passion.

  • Do not cancel on yourself! EVER!

This may seem simple and well it is. But, admit it, you put yourself last and this is where some of the magic has gotten lost. So, starting today make a new commitment to yourself to start this journey to a magical life!

My Challenge to You

I know you have a calendar or to do list that you work with every day. I use Evernote because I use my iPad and iPencil to create journal pages. Occasionally I will download them into PDF form to write directly on the paper. (I'll share those in another post.) I also use Evernote for my weekly planner. I'll go more into that in another post.

Back to my challenge to you. In your calendar schedule time for you and only you. In that time do something you are passionate about (Facebook doesn't count). You don't have to schedule a large chunk of time, start small. You'll find that you will begin craving that time and will do whatever it takes to make the time to create the magic in your life.

Finally you will slowly become you again. Remember, you must always be true to you!

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