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Wild & Free Fitness

Here at Wild & Free Creations we offer a few classes, including Fitness! Spin is one class offered... I know, you are wondering, what in the world is that? Well, think Peleton and you have it.

We also offer yoga classes.

I am sure you know what yoga is though I am not a traditional yogi).

You can find a schedule of classes and book your class here.

Leeanna has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:


I created ZFitYoga to combine the benefits of yoga with HIIT and Kickboxing. The combination of the 3 works to strengthen then stretch the muscles.



Group Fitness

I began my group fitness training with kickboxing and have incorporated parts of it into ZFitYoga




I have been practicing yoga for over 8 years. I became a certified yoga instructor 5 years ago





POUND – Rockout. Workout®

If I could pick my favorite form of cardio, this would be it. I love combining the music to the pounding of the Ripstix. One of the most fun classes I have ever taught.


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