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I Am the Change


The I Am the Change banner began as a wish for the students at my school to begin believing in themselves and those around them. 

I wrote and revised this several times. I hung it in the back of my classroom and students gave me feedback.

Once I was happy with what I wrote, I sent it to be copy-written. 

The banner is created on a twin, white cotton sheet using fabric paint markers.

The banner is 5'6" wide and 8' tall.

The banner can be purchased alone using the colors from the school of choice along with additional colors to add to the overall aesthetics of the piece.

The banner alone is $800.

You can find packages for the entire series of paintings as well as the banner on this page.


The banner  and it's content may not be copied or reproduced in any way without written consent from Leeanna Zeigler.

For more information please contact Leeanna Zeigler at

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