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Details for "Be the Change"

The "Be the Change" series consists of 10 Be statements.

The series can be purchased as a whole set or individually.

The series is made to order using 2 colors of your choice and takes approximately 2 months to complete all 10 statements. I used my school's colors in creating the original series. 

Each set is unique with no painting like the other except for color choice.

Each statement consists of 2 paintings (except Be the Change which is 3 paintings). 

The Be statements are listed below with options on a few.

The sizes are also listed below. There are currently no size options.


Be Statements and Painting Sizes

Be statements

  1. Be the Change

  2. Be Reliable or Dependable

  3. Be Trustworthy or Honest

  4. Be Kind or compassionate

  5. Be Respectful

  6. Be Responsible

  7. Be Humble

  8. Be Fair

  9. Be Caring

  10. Be Gracious

Canvas sizing

  1.  9X12- Be​

  2.  8X10- the

  3.  16X20- statement words

  4.  12X24- Change


Individual "Be" Statements

   1. Be the Change  $145

   2. Be statement $120

Packages are available here 

For more information please contact Leeanna Zeigler at

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