Wild and Free Creations 

To create, inspire, and teach the world around us to become a better place.


Wild and Free Creations is intended to create, inspire, and teach everyone to find their spark, to live a Wild and Free life.

Our spark comes from within. We tend to lose this as we grow up. We forget what it is like to live without fear, love without doubt, and find the magic in the little things.

We must remember to choose to live our lives to the fullest everyday...to find our wildness again.

We must find the freedom and the spark that has been lost along the way.

Our shop's purpose is to guide you back to the spark you may have lost along the way. When you find your spark your life will become electric and those sparkles from your electricity (your vibe) will rain down upon others like confetti. Your life will only improve!


Wild & Free Creations

200 Central Blvd.

Guyton, GA 31312

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