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Paint Kit Instructions 

Your kit contains the following items: 

    1. Wood Items to paint 

    2. 1” OR 2” brush depending on project 

    3. 1 small brush  

    4. 4 small containers of paint- colors can vary depending on project 

    5. Craft sticks 


Extra items you may need: 

  • Newspaper 

  • Spray bottle to dampen the wood 

  • Hot glue gun or wood glue

  • Spray sealant (polyurethane or clear coat) 

  • Hair dryer 




  1. Decide which color you would like to paint first. When using multiple colors on top of each other begin with lightest color.  

  2. Dampen the wood item. Using the 1” brush, paint the wood. Don’t forget the sides. A link to video tutorials is below. 

  3. Using the hair dryer, dry the paint between painting unless you are blending. 

  4. Decide the color of the other items if provided. 

  5. Repeat steps above 

  6. Dry with the hair  dryer. 

  7. The décor on your project is your choice. Use the small brush for however you decide to decorate. There is no need to dampen again. Go to Pintrest and get ideas if needed. 

  8. Decide where you want items (if you have multiple ones) and glue it down. If you are using the wood glue, do not use too much and let it dry completely before you hang your project. 

  9. If you want to hang your project outside, make sure you spray it with polyurethane or clear coat. 

  10. Enjoy your work of art! 

Video tutorials are available at  

You can mix any additional colors. 

Yellow + blue = green 

Red + blue = purple 

Yellow + red = orange 

Add white to any color to lighten 

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